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Keyword: OSU Agronomy The OSU Agronomic Crops Team provides timely information to corn, soybean, wheat, and forage producers all year long. One tool the team uses is the weekly C.O.R.N Newsletter. This year at Farm Science Review we will have 4 main activities: Live Question and Answer - Three Live Q&A sessions per day will be offered. Extension specialists and educators will be available to answer any agronomy related questions at 7:30-8:30am each day, with a cover crops and soil health Q&A each day (1:00-1:30 on Tuesday, and 12:30-1:30 on Wednesday and Thursday) and rotating topics at 4:00-5:00 each day (Forages and Grazing on Tuesday, eFields on Wednesday, and Specialty Field Crops (hemp, barley, and others) on Thursday). Bring your questions and let our specialists and educators help you find an answer. Virtual agronomic plots tour - We have taken the plots area to a whole new level using virtual reality. This may work best on your smart phone or tablet. Take a "walking" tour of the plots reading the signs and listening to various presentations throughout the plots. As you move your device you will have a 360 view and can use the arrows to move to the next stop. Agronomic plots tour flat map - If your device is not ideal for the 360 virtual plots tour, try the flat map to navigate through the plots listening to various presentations about the various plots topics. Ohio Crops conditions yield tour - Over the last month Extension educators around Ohio have been visiting fields and conducting yield estimates. Navigate through our county map to see what crop conditions are like throughout the state.

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